Aviva Prime



In your own country of birth Aviva has amazing options so you can enjoy the beauties of a tropical country full of adventures and lots of variety of LGBT attractions! Very entertaining, engaged people and lots of guaranteed flirts.


São Paulo home of the largest LGBT Pride Parade in the world, São Paulo holds the greatest nightlife in the country. Besides the LGBT points like Paulista Avenue, Augusta Street, Ibirapuera Park and Arouche Square, it counts on various art exhibitions that attract thousands of tourists everyday.


Rio de Janeiro is, undoubtely the favorite gay destination for Brazilian tourists. With a huge variety of gay friendly beaches, bars and restaurants, Rio will not fail when it comes to amusement and fun.


Besides the two strengths, we have the most beautiful options like Foz do Iguaçu, the natural beauties of Recife and, of course, the magic Island of Florianópolis, a lot of beauty, fun and exclusive attractions that you can only find with Aviva! Come with us to know the best of Brazil!