Aviva Prime



Tel Aviv – Considered by Lonely Planet the most gay city in the world, the city that never sleeps is waiting for you for a unique experience. Meet the newest gay destination, one of the best for those seeking history, culture, entertainment, the best parties with the best DJs in the world, fantastic beaches, respect for diversity and many incredible places that only Israel can offer.


Aviva Prime is the only agency specializing in exclusive scripts so you can know and experience what Israel offers best, with respect and privacy, because in Israel, unlike the rest of the Middle East, you are free.


Our exclusive packages include tours at all major tourist sites, bringing together gay tourists from all over the world to make your days unforgettable. It is your opportunity to know a new destination prepared to receive and provide incredible moments, with exclusivity.


Carefully planned with a high quality service, we will take you through Israel and present your true magic and beauty. We will put you in the center of everything – with the best accommodation – which includes the best hotels in Israel’s leading networks.


You will experience incredible attractions, the best of nightlife, the hottest cooking spots and the unique culture of Israel, without losing exclusivity.


With the unparalleled knowledge of a local gay tour guide, you’ll enjoy a great trip that will take you to a discovery of Israel you never imagined.