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No place in the world is as enthralling, mysterious, romantic and historical as Turkey. The country, which arrived in the last century for the control center of the Ottoman Empire and Istanbul, a former capital of the world called Constantinople, offers a wealth of culture, traditions and much history.


The region of Cappadocia is also well known for its natural beauty, unforgettable balloon rides, cave hotels and fantastic cuisine.


Although many think that Turkey is dangerous for gays, this is not true, as it is possible to get to know the main and most famous sights of the country next to who you love, guaranteed exclusively by AvivaPrime.


We will provide wonderful moments throughout the period in Turkey with friendly hotels and guides, plus we always take off great restaurants, bars and gay nightclubs during your stay.


Pack your bags right now and enjoy everything Aviva Prime can offer you. Turkey is now. Come on!